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I want tadonaru to go on a little date out to a frozen yogurt place .. And tadokoro tries to pay but naruko refuses and says it’s his treat. Tadokoro tells him that he doesn’t need to pay, and naruko gets right up in his face on his tip toes and says “you wanna go old man?!” and then naruko pays for them

rneganesenpai asked: Maki does yoga and one day Tado decides to join him. He turns out to be pretty flexible, more than he thought hehe (' v ')

While he struggles with balance, tadokoro has incredible strength (obv) and he’s actually p flexible and makishima is intimated bc he doesn’t want tado to upstage him in yoga but makishima actually has good balance, whereas tadokoro doesn’t.
Also, makishima adjusting tadokoro’s form ,.. While he’s doing stuff like downward dog you kno

There’s so much tadomaki hate for no reason and it’s making me sad so I’m trying to come up with cute and happy headcanons for them

Have u ever noticed how tadonaru gets a lot of hate and I haven’t seen any makisaka hate … Even tho the relationship and age difference is the same… Suspicious

I’m sad and I’m coming up with headcanons to entertain and distract myself

I’m sick of ppl saying tadonaru is gross or whatever
there’s literally only a difference of two years or less between them please chill out


who’s iggy iglesias